Supplement to the Diploma and Diploma Duplicate request

Information from the Public Service Center. Any duplicate documents on higher and postgraduate education are now issued based on the request to the Public Service Center. The duplicate document is issued only to the right holder or his authorized representative possessing a notarized power of attorney (hereinafter referred to as “applicant”).

To obtain a copy of the document, the applicant submits the following documents to the registering authority:

·         application for issuance of the copy according to the form

·         the individual presents a document certifying his identity (for verification);

·         on the web portal (hereinafter – “portal”): request in the electronic document  form certified by the digital signature or one-time password;

·         the individual completes the information on the identity document;

While rendering the state service, service recipient gets the written consent for the information use constituting a secret protected by the law, contained in information systems, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

When receiving the documents, registering authority checks the identity document with information provided by the state information system, and then returns it to the service recipient.

The duplicate of the document contains the entire text of the title document with the stamp and seal of the registering authority in the form in accordance with Appendix 2 to this Regulation.

The registering authority issues a copy of the title document within three working days in paper form.

The grounds for refusal to provide public services are:

1) establishment of documents’  inaccuracy submitted by the service recipient to obtain the state service, and (or) data (information) contained in them;

2) inconsistency of the service recipient and (or) the submitted materials, objects, data and information necessary for the provision of public services, the requirements established by the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan