Mister & Miss Narxoz 2018

Traditional talent competition among university students
Prep. Day: 01.01.2018
Launch : 17.01.2018
Budget: 1,000,000 ₸

Last week, one of the most ambitious and vibrant student competitions "Mister & Miss Narxoz 2018" was held. As in the past year, dozens of applications were submitted for participation in the Dean's Office for Work with Students. Out of the 60 students, who submitted their applications, 10 pairs went through to the finale, where they were preparing solo and duet numbers during 5 weeks.

The participants passed 4 stages of the competition:

  • Contest “Visit Card” - “Why do we deserve the title of Mr. and Ms. Narxoz 2018?” video
  • Creative contest (singing, dancing, etc.)
  • Contest "Stage Fashion Show" (appearance, posture, costume);
  • "Quiz" on a variety of topics, including the history of university, country, etc.

Naraiba Ilyas (2 course, specialty "Standardization and Certification") and Demeuova Saltanat (2 course, specialty "Accounting and Audit") becam Mr. and Ms. Narxoz in 2018.

Tolebi Torebek and Azhar Kurmasheva, last year’s winners, crowned Ilyas and Saltanat. Vice-Mister and Vice-Muss Narxoz become Dakibay Dinmukhamed (1st year student, Economics) and Omar Assel (1 course, Statistics). The talent show was held with the support of Grand Pool, Save Beaucoup, Direct Selling Association of RK, Pinocchio Plaza, Brosh KZ, “VELADA Models” Model Agency, “PUZZLE” Youth Label, "Exit the Room" project, KinoPark, CoppoLA Sicilian restaurant.  Contest participants were presented with gifts from event sponsors and souvenirs from Narxoz University. Dakibay Dinmukhamed (1 course, Economics specialty) and Omar Assel (1 course, Statistics specialty) won the certificate for a course from a modelling agency.

In the front row of the competition, there were regular guests of the event, such as the rector of Narxoz University Andrew Wachtel, vice-rector Victoria Tsai and Elmira Idrissova.

The contestants were judged by a professional jury, which included:

  • Nelly Ivashkina, Master of Sports in Athletics, coach of "Crossfit", "Deep Work" programs and fitness director of "Grand Pool"sport and recreation center
  • Baturzhan Sopekov,  founder of the “PUZZLE” youth label, choreographer of “Ninety one” band
  • Assan Parzhanov, General Director of SpasiBeacoup
  • Violeta Parkhomenko, graduate of Narxoz University
  • Anastassia Kalashnikova, Executive Director of Direct Sales Kazakhstan Association
  • “The Kitchen Songs”, Kazakhstani pop star
  • Denis Polenov, Head of the Examination Center at Narxoz University.
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