Best student award 2018

Yearly contest "Best student award"
Prep. Day: 01.10.2018
Launch : 01.11.2018
Budget: 1,000,000 ₸

In November 2018 Narxoz held traditinal "Best student award"! This year 47 students applied in the following categories:

  • Leader of the year;
  • Volunteer of the year;
  • Breakthrough of the year;
  • Activist of the year;
  • Student organization leader of the year;
  • Sportsman of year;
  • Startup of the year
  • Explorer of the year;
  • Student of the year.

Selection committee had a very tough discissions to make this year. Each nomination had three assigned prizes in addition to the main nomination

"Student of the year". In the category "Startup of the year" unfortunately the participants did not passed the competition. Winners have received a financial aid to their studies and research:

  • For the third place - 200.000 tenge
  • For the second place-300,000 tenge
  • For the first place-400,000 tenge

Winner of the "Student of the year" award – 500,000 tenge

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