Study Abroad

Study for one semester at the partner university abroad
Prep. Day: 01.01.2019
Launch : 20.01.2019
Budget: 100,000 ₸

Department of Academic Mobility holds a competition for the selection of the best students among 2-3 courses for one semester at the partner university abroad.

Partner Universities:

Requirements: sophomore and junior students, GPA 3.0, the level of English must be intermediate and higher.

Result: Students will receive an international learning experience, expand the horizon of the worldview, get acquainted with foreign students, improve their English, and tell about Kazakhstan outside our country, proudly bearing the title of Narxoz Ambassador.

It is important and necessary for us to acquaint our students with international experience in the field of education in order to improve the level and quality of Kazakhstan education.

After all, smart students are the economic and business future of the country.