Alumni Reunion 1987

Alumni reunion '87 "Agriculture Planning" major (the 30th anniversary from the graduation day).
Prep. Day: 01.09.2016
Launch : 07.05.2017

On May 7, 2017, Narxoz met the graduates of "Agriculture Planning" specialty in 1987, who celebrated the 30th anniversary of their graduation.

The alumni meetings are not only the memories and flashbacks. First, it is an evening of good ambience, live communication in a circle of long-familiar former course mates. It is also an opportunity to come to familiar classrooms and meet people with whom they sat side-by-side during their incomparable years of student hood, as well as learn about the development of their alma mater.

Alumni Association of Narxoz University gladly and respectfully met the alumni group "Agriculture Planning" 1983-1987 and presented gifts on behalf of the university.