Alumni Meeting 1987

Meeting of graduates of "Accounting" specialty of 1987 (celebrating the 30th graduation anniversary).
Prep. Day: 17.04.2018
Launch : 20.05.2018
Budget: 1,000,000 ₸

On May 20, 2017, Narxoz University met the graduates of "Accounting" specialty of 1987, celebrating the 30th graduation anniversary.

The alumni meeting is a great opportunity to meet old friends, learn about the achievements of their classmates and alma-mater news.

Alumni Association of Narxoz University, employees of "Finance and Technology" School and "Accounting, Audit and Evaluation" department gladly and respectfully met the alumni of "Accounting" specialty 1983-1987.

Graduates had a tour around the university; they visited the familiar classrooms, where they spent their student days.

Teachers and staff members came to the Alumni Meeting, who shared memories of the 80’s, when Narxoz was called “Almaty Institute of National Economy”.  

One of the classrooms at second building was named after the Alumni Accounting and Audit of 1987. Alumni have funded half a million tenge in order to equip the nominal classroom.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Ilmira Idrisova, Dean of the School FinTech Ainagul Adambekova and colleagues from "Accounting, Audit and Assessment" department met with graduates at the opening of the classroom.